Teleporting a student into your class

Dear Teacher,

If you have a student who has a TTRS account but belongs to another band in the same school or even belongs to another school or family account, you can get them to teleport into your class (band).

This is helpful if...

  • A pupil joins you from another school.
  • There are lots of class changes at the start of or during the school year as it saves you moving them in Pupil Setup and relies on them entering a code.

Here are the instructions:

1. Login and go to Pupil Setup > Manage Users (for your class)

2. Click the “Teleport Code” button.

3. Read the instructions and click ‘Generate code’.

4. Keep the instructions and the code displayed on the screen while you get the pupils to login.

The code in the image below is an example!

5. Once logged in, get them to go to in their browser.

6. Get them to enter the teleport code from step 4 into the box and press Transfer.

That's it! They'll now belong to your band in your school.

Note that by doing this they will leave their old class/school/family account and move (with all their details intact) into your class in your school.

If you have any difficulties with this process, please email [email protected]

Click here for the Family Teleport guide


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