Red Carpet Week

Times Tables Rock Stars Red Carpet Week! Celebrate your schools best rockers.

Red Carpet Week is the time to celebrate the top TT Rockers in our schools!

During the week, the fastest, most improved or just the pupils who have shown high levels of enthusiasm for learning their tables will be celebrated by their class/year or even the whole school.

How you roll out the red carpet is completely up to you. It’s all about making a fuss of those pupils who deserve recognition. If you’re stuck for ideas here’s a few things that work well:

  • Host a pizza party
  • Have a special assembly
  • Create a Hall of Fame Display Board with a grand opening (check out our resources page).
  • Dress like a Rock Star day
  • A special Rock Star VIP area during lunch

It's completely up to you how you celebrate your pupils. Let us know what you are doing to celebrate by posting it on social media with the hashtag #RCW19

Times Tables Rock Stars Winners Chauffeur.
Times Tables Rock Stars Winners Walk.
Times Tbales Rock Stars Celebration Puzzles.

Hold a Live Competition

Hold a head-to-head competition between the fastest pupils. These competitions are a showpiece event of Red Carpet Week and it’s a fantastic opportunity to finish the maths year with a buzz for the school. Below are 4 simple step to run a competition:

1. Competitors

You will need to choose the pupils competing. This could be the fastest 5 in each year group or every student below 1.5 seconds but really it’s completely up to you who and how many pupils compete. You can see the fastest pupils by going to My School > Stats Dashboard > Overall Leaderboard.

2. Format

The format will depend on how many students you have competing. For example, if you had 12 children competing, you could have two-quarter finals, each containing 6 students. The fastest 3 from each would go through to a semi-final, and the top three from that go through to a grand final.

3. Setup Band

Move the competitors into the same Pastoral band. This will involve creating a Pastoral Band and adding the competitors to that band.

4. Get Rockin'

You’re ready to go! Get the competitors to join the same Arena game and answer as many questions as they can! Depending on how you decided to operate the competition, at the end of the game you can announce who is progressing to the next stage or the final winner!


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