New School Year Guide

Follow these instructions to help you organise your students at the beginning of a school year. You may also want to refer to them any time you need to add students or make alterations.


The first step is to decide what you want to do with school leavers. You have three options:

  1. Delete them - in most cases you probably want to delete their accounts. To do so, go to Setup, select the accounts and then press "Delete Users". This method retains the Band.
    You could delete the Band *and* the accounts within it by pressing Delete at the end of the Band's name.
  2. Keep them and move them to a "leavers" group - on the Setup page, select the leavers and then use the dropdown "Move Selected" below to put them in a (new) Band of their own called something like "Leavers".
  3. Keep them and leave them without a Band - on the Setup page, select the leavers and then click the "Withdraw Selected" button. This will move the selected pupils into the "Ungrouped Users" branch of the tree.
  4. Movers

    The first thing to do with children that are staying on TT Rock Stars is to move them up a yeargroup, e.g. from year 2 to year 3 or from year 7 to year 8. On the Pupil Setup page, tick every class, press the 'Increment Yeargroup' button below and check you're happy with the changes before pressing Save. It takes 3 clicks and 10 seconds.

    When it comes to moving pupils, you've got a few options and the most efficient method depends on whether pupils are really moving class or whether the class is simply changing name and how many pupils are moving.

    A. Pupils aren't moving class... it's just their class name that needs changing

    Renaming Bands can easily be done from the Setup page (by clicking "Rename") or Band Admin page (by tapping the name of the Band).

    Hint: remember to change the name of the Pastoral Bands too if necessary.

    B. Pupils are moving class

    If it's only a handful, our recommendation would be to select the movers on the Setup page and use the "Move Selected" dropdown below. You can also drag students into their new classes.

    If you've got *lots* of pupils changing class, it's probably more efficient to use the Upload Users tool on the Setup page. Yes, that's right, you can move existing students with the Upload Users tool as well as adding new ones (see Arrivers below as you may want to do Movers and Arrivers at the same time).

    Here are the instructions:

    1. On the Setup page, select the students you're moving. Hint: it may be easier to tick the Maths Bands box to select everyone.
    2. Click the Export Users button below and this will create a spreadsheet for you that you can now save and open.
    3. In the exported users spreadsheet, you can change any of the pupils' data EXCEPT their username. Please, whatever you do, don't change their username as that's what our system is using to determine whether they already exist or whether they're newbies.
    4. On the subject of newbies, you can put Arrivers into this spreadsheet too. Please make sure you've specified their first and last names and their maths class and yeargroup. Usernames, passwords and the rest are optional.
    5. Save the spreadsheet and go back to the Setup page where you need to click Upload Users.
    6. You can either drag the saved .csv file onto the dropzone on the left or browse to where you saved it. Or you can try our clever Copy and Paste facility on the right. As the words imply, copy the pupil data in the spreadsheet and paste it into the box on the right of the Pupil Uploader. It's the future :)
    7. Follow the Uploader steps. It will do all the heavy lifting...creating Maths Bands for you and putting pupils into their new classes while preserving pupils' performance data. In other words, it won't change their scores, speed or spending. To do *that*, read the section below about "Resetting Pupil Accounts".

    Resetting Pupil Accounts

    You may want to clear pupils' paper results, their rock names, their earnings or their speeds. To do so, go to the Setup page, select the students and press the "Reset Users" button.


    If you have one or two students to add, simply use the Add Individual button on the Setup page.

    To add lots of pupils at once, you're best off using the Upload Users button where you can either upload a csv or copy the contents of a spreadsheet and let the rock hamsters do the rest.

    Prepare a spreadsheet with at least these four columns: first name, last name, maths class and yeargroup. You can also provide a unique id for each one, their form/tutor/registration group (known to us as Pastoral Band), their gender and date of birth. If you'd like to specify their username and password to match ones they already use, you can do that too. It may help to see our example spreadsheet.

    Download Example Pupil Uploader spreadsheet

    Remember, you can add new pupils into the spreadsheet you're preparing for Movers (see above). In other words, you can upload one spreadsheet and our system will know the difference between existing students that need updating and new students that need adding.


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